Shadowlands Event Oct 6th - 11th

By SW12 — 10.09.15:22:39:30

The GSF Exclusive guild Shadowlands Reconnaissance Wing (SRW) is hosting a weeklong event to celebrate their new Flagship Shadowcarrier during the week of the Conquest Event “Clash in Hyperspace”.

The guild is celebrating by inviting everyone to come enjoy some organized team events, where SRW can arrange for evenly-matched premades.

SRW would like as many pilots to come Republic side as possible for wargames, this helps to even matches and prevents a bunch of ace pubs from beating up imp pugs. SRW plans to include prize draws, or in-game contests (most objective points for the night, highest K/D ratio, MVP votes, etc.) in order to win prices which could include cartel ships, paint jobs, armor sets, rare weapons, and whatever else can be arranged. VOIP will also be provided for those interested.

Free TShirt Designs? Sure.

By 2,3,5,7,11 — 01.09.15:18:10:23

It was a strange request, someone asked for a logo for Starfighter since BioWare did not create one.

One of our Agents was already hard at work coding simulator graphics and decided to fulfill the community request, not only a logo, also the request for a Bastion branded design.

These are high quality(dpi) files ready for you to use with any t-shirt printer on the internet or your neighborhood! Enjoy!

Patch 3.3.1 — Hardships Abound

By Operative18 — 18.07.15:22:10:30

The latest patch to SWTOR may leave pilots wondering where their blasters went.

A widespread bug introduced in patch 3.3.1 causes random starfighters in a pilots's hangar to unequip all primary weapons. Reports indicate the issue may extend to other components as well, but the nature of the bug and any pattern to its appearance has yet to be fully understood.

This bug has a chance of occuring each time a pilot logs out from their character and logs back in, or switches servers.

Fortunately, the fix for this crippling bug is simple (though tedious). Pilots should open their hangar each time upon logging in, then go to the Components tab. If there is a blank box where it would normally list the Primary Weapon (and possibly other components), select one from the available options and set any fourth or fifth tier talents to the desired choice. This must be repeated for all ships in the hangar. The fix will persist until logging out.

Pilotss should remain vigilant in case there other undocumented bugs, and should spread the news of this bug in their server's GSF /cj gsf chat channel.

easy? You call that easy?

By 2,3,5,7,11 — 10.7.15:12:35:58

One of the brightest stars of the Starfighter community, Drakkolich, has announced that he is looking for a junior pilot to mentor.

He is offering instruction in intermediate to advanced Starfighter tactics focused on both solo queue and team strategies.

There is a minimum commitment required:

Anyone interested should write why they should be picked and post it in the announcement thread on the official forums. Anyone that cannot post to the forums and wants to get word to Drakkolich, may send their essay to The Huttspawn and we'll make sure Drako sees it.

intel is 'fuzzy' at best

By 2,3,5,7,11 — 07.7.15:14:42:58

Huttspawn Agents are not rumor mongers. We test every bit of information. We verify data points from at least three sources. Then, if the data is worthwhile, we mark it for distribution. It pains us when we cannot live up to our own rules.

This bit of data is far too important to pilots for us to just sit on.

During the Gamescon Star Wars: The Old Republic Cantina stop on the 7th of August a question was asked of the panel and this was said:

Backus loves GSF. Not everything about KotFE has been announced. Would love to do a lot of stuff with GSF. Come to talk later when head of Marketing is not around

When a question about cross server queues was raised:

Not ignoring the issue, something awesome in the works

In another source, Kaussec, when asked "What about GSF?" replied:

Will reveal soon

Hopefully between this and the sightings of developers flying missions in strike fighters on The Ebon Hawk BioWare Austin is indeed working on additions to the gamemode.

lock s-foils into attack position

By 2,3,5,7,11 — 28.6.15:16:23:10

This website is a long time coming, Huttspawn agents have been pouring over gun holos from thousands of missions learning what works and does not. Agents have infiltrated both the Imperial and Republic Navies to learn the tactics taught by both sides.

All of this research and thousands of in-cockpit hours are recorded here. Over the next couple of months, Huttspawn agents will file more intel reports that will be used to provide in-depth how-tos for each component offered by the Imperial and Republic Navies.

These holonet entries are collectively called the "What Release" internally. The Huttspawn will follow quickly with many "How Release(s)" that together will make up a solid foundation for an unofficial flight school for starfighter pilots flying for the Empire, Republic, and Cartel forces.